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In order to ensure our fleet's optimum quality we operate our own maintenance and service department. Our technicians work each day to ensure that our rental equipment is in optimum condition and is marked with safety certification marks when delivered at your company. But also when you manage your own material handling equipment we would be pleased to take care of its maintenance. Our subscription services will guarantee you that your equipment is always in optimal and safe condition and that you won't be confronted with an unwelcome surprise!

Subscription Service

Each company uses its materials handling equipment in a different way. For some it's just a tool that is used several times a day. For others it's an asset that's in use day and night and that needs to be available at all times! We therefore offer you various service subscriptions which can be tailored to your specific business situation. This will avoid unnecessary costs and will still constrain the existing risks.


A professional organization is also characterized by the safety of the equipment it uses. For that reason we only rent equipment that has been judged safe according to the VEBIT Security Certification. This recognized certificate guarantees that your employees work with safe equipment and ensures that you meet your obligations as an employer according to the Dutch Occupational Health & Safety Decree! This will not only provide a safe working environment for your employee, but it also eliminates the risks regarding the responsibilities that you have to take as an employer.


The Association of Companies for Internal Transport (VeBIT) is a sector group of the Royal Dutch Association for small and medium sized enterprises in the metal industry (Koninklijke Metaalunie). VEBIT focuses on brand independent companies that sell, rent or maintain mobile materials handling equipment or manufacture equipment for these machines. In 1997, this association has taken the initiative to set up a quality system for conducting safety inspections of materials handling equipment. This quality system prescribes the contents of the inspection and imposes requirements for both the certifying company as well as the inspector. As one of the first members of the VeBIT, E. van Gent Forklift Rental was one of the founders of the certification mark and has in fact contributed significantly to the establishment of a quality certification system.

As an authorised inspection company we guarantee independent judgement of the safety of your equipment. Our inspectors' professional competence is repeatedly tested by the VeBIT by means of random sampling. As we consider the safety of our equipment and procedures of paramount importance, we continuously train our technicians in order to get the best results for your company. Additionally, our inspectors are not only trained for inspection of equipment. They are forklift technicians as well, so we can integrate safety inspections with periodic maintenance. This way you make sure your equipment's downtime is not longer than strictly necessary, because maintenance and inspection can be performed at the same time by the same technician.

Curious about the possibilities to make your equipment safer? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities!

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